Issue 118 Jan 2017

Alumnus Ben Craig follows hockey dream and joins the Kookaburras

Arden alumnus Ben Craig (2011) has followed his dream to play hockey for Australia.  In October, 2016 Ben was selected for the Kookaburras to play in the Trans-Tasman Trophy (held in Auckland) against New Zealand.  This was followed by the International Festival of Hockey Four Nations held in Melbourne against India, Malaysia and New Zealand, along with a two game test in Bendigo versus India in Bendigo.  This achievement is the culmination of Ben’s hard work and determination to do his best at hockey, combined with his ability to balance the demands of the sport with his studies and work.

When asked what he learned while at Arden, Ben shared:  “I was encouraged to pursue both sport and music in school – which lead me to find great work in one field and travel the world in the other.  I also learnt that being a good person is essential to satisfying success. Without learning how to be committed to what you do and to absolutely give it everything you have, then I’m sure I wouldn’t be in this position today.  I remember specifically understanding this during my HSC and fortunately have applied it to areas of my life post-school.  During my Year 12 experience I learnt how to be self-disciplined for a long period of time, exactly what I needed to get up at 5am for morning training to be in the position I am today.  This, however, can’t be to the exclusion of everything else in your life and it is really important to remember who you are, who the people are that mean a lot to you and that it is important to treat everyone well.”

Aside from hockey, Ben is currently undertaking his double degree – Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of International and Global Studies – at the University of Sydney.  He also teaches music and enjoys camping, boating and generally just being outdoors with friends.

Photo courtesy of Planet Hockey.

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