Issue 118 Jan 2017

Arden community swings the night away

Arden Swings proved a great success.  Mrs Philippa Wood, Coordinator of Co-curricular Music at Arden, shared:  “Arden Swings is a wonderful opportunity to bring together the Arden community on a night of jazz muarden-swings-img_6445-1sic, dancing, games and fundraising.  This evening is a key event for the Arden Jazz Ensemble and Stage Band as our musicians provide the night’s entertainment, as well as fundraising for our China Music Tour in April, 2017.  Being the evening’s entertainment is a significant challenge for our jazz musicians as they have to prepare a lot of music to a high standard to present to a paying room full of people.  The students get such a kick out of seeing adults dancing and having fun to the music they are playing.”

Another highlight was the special guest appearance of professional musician and Arden alumni Frances Madden (2008) and her band.


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