Issue 321 Sep 2017

Artists envisage diverse creations

Showcasing the creative and practical talents emerging at the Secondary School, the annual Art Exhibition featured Years 7 to 12 artworks and was entitled “Envisage”.

On display were a diverse range of Year 12 HSC Body of Work and Year 10 ‘Arden Archies’ artworks.  Another highlight was the Year 11 Mini Body of Work.  Edward Lawn (Year 11) chose photomedia as his expressive form for his Body of Work.  “Epping is undergoing such rapid development and change that it is easy to overlook the history of the place.  I took photos in the same places as photos from 100 years ago to compare them with how they look today.  Through the juxtaposition of the past with the present, my aim is to capture these traces of Epping’s past before they disappear,” said Edward.  Mrs Eizabeth Owen, Head of Visual Arts, felt Edward’s work was “very interesting and timely given Arden’s 95th Anniversary and also the redevelopment of Epping.”

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