Issue 215 Jun 2017

Environment Group meets with John Alexander

Environment Group (EG) members enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with Mr John Alexander OAM MP on Wednesday 5th April, 2017 to discuss climate change.  Environment Group Coordinator, Mrs Karen Moss, explained:  “The purpose of the meeting was for the students to have an opportunity to hear John’s views and offer their views/concerns as future voters, so that they can feel empowered to be knowledgeable and to use their knowledge to enact change.”

The students were very encouraged by their meeting with John Alexander and appreciated his time, wisdom, openness and willingness to meet with them again in the future.  Cordealia Evans (Year 11) shared: “I believe that John Alexander was open and willing to talk about climate change action.  Mr Alexander had some great ideas and the meeting really inspired me to go out and do more research and to build solutions around this problem.  Like Mrs Moss has always said, we must be solution based.  Overall it was a great opportunity for me to meet with our local member and express our thoughts.”

Following the meeting, Mr Alexander shared:  “It was a real pleasure to meet such engaged and interested students.  The issues they are addressing will affect us all, but future generations most of all.  It is really encouraging to see them all taking an interest now, and being proactive in looking at solutions to these global problems.  I look forward to continuing on our conversation well into the future.”

Arden’s EG formed in 2017 and currently has approximately 50 members from Years 7 – 12.  Oliver Moss, Prefect, said “The mission is to elevate the importance of the environment to the Arden community, and raise our conscientiousness of pressing environmental issues, such as palm oil destruction, plastic bottle accumulation in the ocean, animal exploitation and the extinction of species.  We aim to look at this on a global scale, but also how some of these issues impact the school.”

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