Issue 215 Jun 2017

Exchange experience to Denmark

Elise Williams (Year 11) returned from Denmark in January, 2017 after an exciting five month student exchange experience.   Elise was the fortunate recipient of a Southern Cross Cultural Exchange (SCCE) Scholarship.  She stayed with a host family and attended school in Tørring.  “I learned that I can be independent from my family and rely on myself to make decisions,” summarised Elise.

Elise applied for the Creative Arts Scholarship as “I thought it would help me to understand the world around me better by living in a different country.”

Highlights of the exchange included going on a three day school camp to Belgium, enjoying a four day holiday to Edinburgh, Scotland with her host family and discovering the old buildings and history in Europe.  However, “the best part was making really good friends with other exchange students and local Danish people, I’m looking forward to going back in the future and travelling,” said Elise.


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