Issue 215 Jun 2017

Guiding students in their future directions

Year 12 students and their parents gained valuable advice at Arden’s annual Year 12 Future Directions Evening on 22nd February, 2017.  According to Mrs Beverley Paskin, Arden’s Careers Adviser, the evening aims to “familiarise students and parents with the possibilities of transitioning beyond school and outline ways that they can work together to plan and navigate these opportunities.”

Mrs Paskin started the evening by sharing the profile of Alumnus Andrew Hammond who studied Ancient History at Macquarie University and is now a technology recruiter for Atlassian.  She explained key events in the HSC year and referred to Arden careers resources including the “Job Jump” web based careers information service.  Nationally recognised training and recognition within the Australian Qualifications Framework with credentials ranging from Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees was discussed, together with current issues in the news.  For example, how to manage the rapidly changing world that young people find themselves working within.

This was followed by a ‘Careers Hypothetical’ where families had the opportunity to learn from a diverse panel of experts as they discussed hypothetical scenarios and a range of careers pathways.  Topics included how to negotiate key milestones when transitioning from school to further study, such as applying for work or gap programs, scholarships, cadetships, early entry and alternative access schemes.  Guests heard how universities are moving away from the ATAR alone to admit students and obtained an informative update on the tertiary admissions landscape of 2017 which has undergone significant change recently.

This year’s panel included 2016 Arden alumni Angela Zhang who provided valuable tips on how to thrive and succeed in the HSC and Robyn Pascoe (2016 Year 12 Arden parent) who shared practical suggestions on how to manage the HSC from a parental perspective.  External guests included Tristan Tulloch (Macquarie University’s Future Students Co-ordinator), Karen Laws (a TAFE Hospitality Management Lecturer), Lucy Tighe (representing St. Patricks Institute of Education) and Kim Mahoney (a guest careers adviser from another school).

Families left feeling better equipped to embrace their children’s future directions post-school.

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