Issue 215 Jun 2017

Involvement in P&F builds friendships

Being a member of the Arden community is valued by our families.  A great way to connect with the community is through Arden’s active P&F.  Involvement helps builds parental friendships and provides a wonderful example to children of the benefits of being involved and volunteering.

Throughout the year the P&F group organises various events for families to enjoy while financially supporting school projects which directly benefit the children.

One way in which the P&F has sought to connect Junior School parents this year is through Café Arden.  Twice a term a coffee cart will be present at the Junior School where parents are encouraged to stay after drop off to sit, chat and enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate on school grounds before beginning their day.  It’s a great way to say ‘hi ’to old friends and meet new ones.

Other exciting whole school events for this year include the Trivia Night in June and the much loved bi-annual Arden Fair in September.

Arden’s P&F looks forward to welcoming you into our school community in the future.

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