Issue 321 Sep 2017

Pre-Schoolers learn from Seed, Harvest and Spoon experience

Pre-Schoolers enjoyed engaging with nature and learning about sustainability through our Seed, Harvest and Spoon incursions.  Held over four weeks, they were educated about recycling, worm farming, vegie patches and water conservation.

They were taught how to build a compost bin and what to compost.  They gained a better understanding of the importance and management of worm farming, using the Pre-School’s existing worm farm.  They learned about where water comes from and how to use it wisely.  Finally, students had the opportunity to plant seeds for themselves.  They made newspaper pots for radish seed planting and also created two new vegetable gardens planted with broccolini, silverbeet, herbs and bok choy and enjoyed watching them grow.

Mrs Linda Bialous, Pre-School Director, commented:  “The children learned so much from this experience.  They asked lots of thoughtful questions and it was exciting to hear that they have been applying this knowledge both at school and home.”

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