Issue 215 Jun 2017

Showcasing Arden’s values

Eighteen Arden school values portraits were presented at school assemblies in Term 1 as the gift from Year 12, 2016.  Principal, Mr Graham Anderson, shared:  “While our values are embedded in our mission and vision and articulated in chapels, assemblies and within classrooms, they have now been ‘published’ by students.”

Mr Simon Przydacz, Head of Senior School, added:  “The focus of our Year 12, 2016 present is around the school’s values and community spirit, involving both the Primary and Secondary School. The gift is designed to serve as an inspiring visual reminder of the growth and development possible through Arden’s holistic education, when centred on love, courage, respect, compassion, service and hope.”

The portraits were designed and made by the students and staff.  Their works were selected as part of an in-school competition, with the top entries for each category chosen, enabling six value portraits each to be placed in the Senior School, Middle School and Junior School.

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