Issue 118 Jan 2017

Students embark on life changing mission

41 Year 11 students and five teachers went to Vietnam and Cambodia on the annual Extra Mile Mission Tour in the June/July holidays.  Before leaving, the group raised $34,000 to donate to these communities.  During the img_2810Mission, students renovated a school playground, built 14 houses, planted mango trees, played with and cared for children in orphanages and visited a Cambodian school.  The team also learnt about the history of the countries they were serving, which gave students an insight into what hardships these countries are facing and why. This understanding enhanced their care and compassion for the locals they interacted with and filled them with a strong desire to help make a difference in their lives.

When asked about the Mission impact, Owen Marsden-Readford (Year 11), shared:  “The trip has not only given me perspective as to our wealth in Australia, but also challenged me to have more of an impact and live my life in less of a safe, western bubble.”  A proud Mrs Elizabeth Dunn, Cambodia and Vietnam Mission Tour Coordinator, concluded:  “The students got a taste of the different types of physical mission work you can do to help others in need and got ideas on how they could serve in the future.  I was incredibly proud of their Christlike compassion with which they tackled every day.  They truly embodied our Arden values of Hope, Compassion, Love, Service, Courage and Respect.”


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