Issue 118 Jan 2017

Students follow STEM passion in da Vinci Decathlon

Arden students followed their passion for all things STEM, by participating in the da Vinci Decathlon in May.  Eight Arden students from Year 7 and eight students from Year 8 competed in the decathlon, which tested students’ intellect, creativity and critical thinking as applied to the theme of Exploration.  The students worked collaboratively in each of the following areas:  Science, Creative Producers, English, Philosophy, Art & Poetry, Mathematics, Engineering, Cartography, Code Breaking and General Knowledge.

With over 120 teams involved in the Stage 4 competition, competition was strong.  Out of Year 7 teams, Arden students achieved 5th place in Engineering.  In Year 8, Arden students achieved 6th place in Engineering and 7th place in Code Breaking.

Year 10 also participated and continued to show strength in STEM by creating a clever Martian Human Habitat on a budget (and with limited supplies).  Their creation narrowly missed the top few places out of 140 teams in the competition.

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