Issue 321 Sep 2017

Students gain experience of poverty and refugee displacement

Understanding the practical realities of poverty and displacement is an important part of developing as a global citizen.  Social Justice Group (SJG) members have gained a better understanding of these challenges through involvement in the ‘Live Below The Line Food (LBTL) Challenge’ and World Vision’s ‘Backpack Challenge’.

The LBTL experience challenged 30 SJG members to live for one day on just $2.00, the globally recognised line of poverty, while Laura Dimarco (Year 10), bravely took the challenge for five days.  Laura shared:  “LBTL not only helps raise funds for developing nations, but helped us understand and briefly experience the issue of poverty by giving us a tiny insight into the daily struggle that so many have.”

15 students participated in the Backpack Challenge, raising $5,500 for refugee and displaced children.  Participants were challenged to fill their backpack with whatever essentials they thought they would need to get them through 40 hours.  Mrs Karen Moss, Social Justice Group Coordinator, concluded:  “I am so proud of the students who accepted the challenge to temporarily ‘step inside’ the life of a refugee and negotiate the difficult daily challenges it entails.  It is evidence, yet again, that Arden students not only know about inequality and suffering, but understand that the individual can bring about change to the lives of these people.”

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