Issue 118 Jan 2017

Students share the Christmas spirit

Arden Junior School students enthusiastically packed 50 boxes for the School’s contribution to Operation Christmas Child (OCC).   The objective of OCC is to bring the joy of Christmas to children in developing countries.  For most, it will be the first Christmas gift they have ever received.  Each box contains something to wear, something to play with, something for school, something to love, something special and something to help them wash.

Arden Secondary School has been supporting this project for three years, but this is the first year that the whole school has participated.  A thrilled Mrs Karen Hopkins, Junior School OCC Organiser, explained:  “Packing the boxes is a hands-on and practical way the students can support children that are the same age as them living in poverty in countries overseas.  The students enjoyed the process and felt it was a lot of fun arranging the boxes knowing that they were helping children who are less fortunate than themselves.”

Atocc-packing-centre-img_3616 a Secondary level, 80 boxes were donated from students in Years 7 – 11.  The Social Justice Group (SJG) then delivered the School’s boxes and spent the afternoon helping Samaritan’s Purse process the boxes at the warehouse.  Mrs Karen Moss, Secondary School OCC Organiser, shared:  “Arden’s SJG remains committed to demonstrating the love of Jesus in a practical way.  Our involvement in this wonderful initiative allows us to serve the world’s poor and develop in students an attitude of servant heartedness.”

Tessa Marsden (2016 OCC Student Coordinator and recently appointed 2017 Social Justice Group Prefect) agreed:  “As a school, we have been actively working to share the love of Jesus to children all over the world through OCC.  Shoeboxes are such a simple thing to us, but the fact that they can have such a huge and lasting impact on someone’s life is so encouraging.”  Oliver Moss (recently appointed as Arden’s 2017 Vice Captain) concluded:  “The ability to create a loving, practical and thoughtful shoebox for a poverty-stricken child, allows us to fulfil the child’s educational and emotional needs, and give them a sense of hope.  The genuine effort and thought I see put into each shoebox is heart-warming.”


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