Issue 215 Jun 2017

Students visit The Poplars aged care residents

A lovely community partnership has developed between Arden and Estia Aged Care, with students enjoying fortnightly visits to residents at The Poplars where they talk to them and participate in the morning activitiesMrs Karen Hopkins, Arden’s Community Service Co-ordinator, explained:  “I was looking for an opportunity for our students to provide a service in their community, when one of our school parents who was working as a volunteer at The Poplars, suggested it would be beneficial for the children to visit the residents.”

Tanya Chi (Year 4) summarised the partnership well when she commented:  “Year 4 is visiting Estia because we are learning about one of our school values; service.”

The rewards of the partnership have been great.  “The children have benefited immensely from their visits.  The residents and students learn from each other about aging, experiences, values and aspirations as they talk and interact.  The residents and the children enjoy their time together.  It is an enriching experience for our students as it helps them reflect on how they can contribute to the wellbeing of others,” Mrs Hopkins summarised.

The students are embracing this opportunity to serve.  When asked why he visits The Poplars, Benjamin Cohilj said:  “To give joy and happiness to the people who live there.”   While Estia’s Ann Salter, reflected:  “The residents of The Poplars look forward to the visits from the Arden students.  They enjoy their company and love interacting.  It really brightens up their day.”

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