Issue 321 Sep 2017

Year 10 succeed at their Work Experience placements

Year 10 students gained a taste of possible future careers through the annual work experience program.  Students sourced their placements with the support of their parents and the Career’s Adviser.  During placement they were supported by contact with their class teachers.

Mrs Beverley Paskin, Careers Adviser, shared:  “Work Experience is a unique opportunity to forge community partnerships for the benefit of students.  By the end of the week the students have made great contacts and have gained an experience of the workplace to write on their resumes.”

The program encourages students to consider both short and long term career possibilities.  For example, Jackson Langford said he would consider trying to get a job at his work experience placement whilst studying at university, whilst Laura Dimarco shared:  “Now that work experience is over I wonder if I will become a surgeon or surgical nurse.  I am more aware of the medical industry now, and I am now more interested in specialising in surgery.”

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