Issue 321 Sep 2017

Four students receive Gold Duke of Edinburgh

Four students have received their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards this year, with three students currently in Year 12 – Joyce Lim, Maja Pavic and Emily Hestelow – while Clare Lawrence graduated in 2014.  This result is especially impressive given only a small percentage of participants who commence the Bronze Award, ever go on to complete Gold whilst still at school.

Miss Julia Hepworth, Arden’s Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Coordinator, said:  “Arden has been involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award for over 10 years and it is a key component of the Year 9 Co-curricular program.  All Year 9 students are encouraged to complete the award, with many then choosing to complete Silver and Bronze Awards.  In 2016 Arden was one of the top schools for Duke Registrations.”

Discussing the benefits of the program, Miss Hepworth shared:  “The program is an excellent way for students to engage in their community.  It teaches perseverance and commitment.  Students are able to pursue their passions and also serve the community.  The program teaches life-long skills of organisation and time management.  Students are challenged and often participate outside of their comfort zone, but this in turn develops character and instills in them a sense of adventure and the knowledge that they can achieve if they take the first step.”

Reflecting upon the whole experience, Joyce Lim (Year 12) shared:  “This award is challenging to acquire, but truly self-rewarding.  With each level you begin to understand that you are limitless, and with the right attitude you can preserve and break through any challenge.  Throughout this incredible experience, you meet amazing people, form strong friendships, make life-long memories, and see Australia’s natural wonders.”

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